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45# Seamless Steel Pipe Defect Control

Date:2019-09-23    keywords:45# seamless steel pipe,defect control
1. Control the carbon content in the steel as much as possible to avoid the peritectic reaction zone and the upper or lower control limits.
2. The vibration stability should be monitored to ensure that the lateral deflection of the vibration is not more than 0.2 mm and the longitudinal deflection is not more than 0.4 mm.
3. Strict nozzle assembly ensures good nozzle alignment, prevents drift, and ensures uniform solidification of shaped pipes.
4. Improve the accuracy of the fan section, especially the mold and the zero part. If severe bending is found, replace the zero part of the pinch roller.
5. Control the superheat of the steel in the 45# seamless steel tube, determine the appropriate drawing speed system, and prevent the outer casing from being too hot and the drawing speed too thin.

6. Select the appropriate slag according to the characteristics of the special steel pipe, appropriately increase the viscosity of the mold slag, improve the heat transfer uniformity of the protective slag, and have fewer principles when adding the protective slag.

7. Appropriately increase the degree of contact between the narrow-foot roller and the slab to prevent the 45# seamless steel pipe from protruding, but the foot roller should not be adjusted too hard, otherwise it may cause great resistance to the casting.

8. Ensure the water gap of the crystallizer is uniform, improve the quality of the crystallizer equipment, prevent the crystallizer from being seriously worn and the coating from falling off, realize the weak cooling of the crystallizer, and reasonably control the cooling strength.
9. In order to prevent large declination of severe depression, the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the fan section should be done, on-site inspection to prevent hydraulic loss or fan section lifting, improve the quality of the fan-shaped partial pressure roller and conduct daily on-site inspection to prevent compression. The roller breaks and the machine is stopped immediately after the deviation angle is severely depressed to avoid excessive loss. After the shutdown, the hydraulic system is faulty or the sector is replaced.

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